Mount Rigi, “The Queen of the Mountains”

Surrounded almost completely by the waters of Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug and Lake Lauerz, Mount Rigi is located at the heart of Switzerland and acts as a natural bridge between two cantons. Rigi’s physical attributes embody the true philosophy of RigiTech – creating a sustainable connection between locations.

Our mission

To create a fully integrated, inter-city drone delivery solution.

Our vision

Transforming access to goods through autonomous aerial logistics.

Redefining Logistics

Our goal is to bring to light the real advantages of drone technology. Problems such as unequal accessibility to goods significantly affect habitants from certain villages.

By flying over crowded cities, rivers, lakes and mountains, we are able to cut delivery times and make access to medicine and medical devices nearly instant.

Our Founders

Adam Klaptocz

Chief Executive Officer

David Rovira

Chief Business Officer

Oriol López

Chief Technology Officer

Our Team

Carlos Navarro

Cloud Software

Thomas Stauber

Embedded Software

Victor Delafontaine

Embedded Software

Alejandro del Estal

Flight Operations

Andrea Hajdune

HR & Finance

Julien Stone

Mechanical Engineering

Cyril Collaud


Paula Calvo


Jonas Perolini

Controls Engineering

Thomas Ameloot

Embedded Hardware

Dorian Bignet

Embedded Hardware

Etienne Meunier

Flight Testing

Cristina Garcia

Graphic Design

Alain Perraudin


Florent Martin

Operator Training

Alex Amrhein

Flight Testing

Erduan Junuzi


Mathias Betancurt

Cloud Software

Jonathan Sotiropoulos

Supply Chain



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