Ensuring Safety: How Secure Are RigiTech Drones?

In the fast-evolving world of drone technology, safety remains the paramount concern for operators and clients alike. At RigiTech, we place safety at the core of our innovation, ensuring that our aerial solutions not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards set by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Our commitment to safety is embedded in every layer of our drone design and operational protocols. Here’s how we ensure that our drones are among the safest in the skies:

  1. Parachute Recovery System: Each Eiger drone is equipped with a cutting-edge parachute recovery system, designed to safely bring the drone to the ground in the unlikely event of a malfunction. This system acts as a critical safeguard, protecting both the drone and the areas over which it operates.

  2. Triple-Redundant Communications: Understanding the importance of reliable communication, our drones feature independent failsafe, triple-redundant communication channels. This redundancy ensures that our drones maintain constant contact with operators, enhancing control and response capabilities.

  3. The Revolutionary Quadchute: Perhaps the most innovative of our safety features is the “quadchute.” In the rare case of a failure in the drone’s fixed-wing configuration, it automatically transitions into a helicopter mode. This unique capability allows the drone to safely land even in challenging conditions.

At RigiTech, our dedication to safety is unwavering. Through rigorous testing and continuous innovation, we ensure our drones are prepared to perform and deliver, regardless of weather conditions or location. Safety isn’t just a feature; it’s the foundation of everything we do.
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