Laboratory Logistics

We specialise in centralised healthcare logistics, providing urgent care via drone delivery solutions.

The Eiger drone can cover distances of up to 100 km, can transport up to 300 samples per delivery, and is authorised by regulators in several countries around Europe, Latin America and Asia. 

Innovative Logistics Network

Implement faster logistics with multi-drone delivery between labs, vs. ground transportation. Operate all deliveries from one central location, covering up to 100 km with one Eiger.

Fully electric

Reduced logistics costs

Specialised Medical Box

Our UN3373-compliant solution designed for secure and efficient transportation of medical samples. With guaranteed temperature control, this impact-proof transport box ensures the integrity of sensitive samples throughout the journey. Traceability is made effortless through RigiCloud, allowing easy tracking and monitoring. Streamline your operations and enhance healthcare logistics efficiency with a generous capacity of up to 300 samples per delivery.

Guaranteed temperature control

Safe impact-proof transport

Our Proven Solution

Learn more about our growing network of drone delivery routes for Biogroup in France.

Explore our collaboration with the International Testing Agency in Doha, for anti-doping in sports.

Watch our drone route connecting laboratories in Switzerland over the Geneva lake.

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