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As with any other vehicle, you will need to pass specific training to fly a drone, depending on your local or national requirements. Some of the considerations include the size, weight, type of drone, and type of operations.

At RigiTech, we have experienced pilots who will train your pilots to use our drones and system. However, your country may require additional specific and official training.
Typically, if it fits inside the drone and the weight is below the limit, you can ship it. Cargo may be restricted or prohibited in your country if it interferes with the system’s electronics or if the goods pose a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment.

The Eiger’s 3 kg (6.6 lb)  payload capacity represents 80% of parcels shipped commercially and holds a rectangular payload volume of 15 litres (.53 cu ft).

The Eiger can fly at 100-120 km/h, and can travel a distance of up to 100 km on a single charge.

At RigiTech, safety is a priority.  We designed our drones to conform to European Union Aviation Safety Agency regulations.   Our systems incorporate safety features such as:
  1. A parachute recovery system
  2. Independent failsafe, triple-redundant communications
  3. The revolutionary “quadchute.” The drone automatically transitions to a helicopter mode in the event of a failure in fixed-wing configuration.
The RigiTech team tests our drones to perform and deliver regardless of the weather or location.

We offer turnkey systems complete with drones, communication, software, and hardware to provide reliable delivery service by air. We also offer pilot training and support for maintenance and upgrades as needed. Learn more about our services.

Drone regulations and operational requirements are proportional to the complexity and risk of the operations. If drone transport operations require flying over populated areas and near airports, you will need to receive authorisations from your country’s civil aviation entity. However, we have the experience of operating in multiple countries.  Our experts can guide you on regulations and can help get your flights authorised.
RigiTech drones can stand light snow, rain, and moderate wind up to 12 m/s (43 km/h). Also, RigiTech drones are equipped with navigation lights for high visibility at night. Provided that your country authorises them, RigiTech drones have night flying capabilities. 
Drones represent the cutting edge in logistics technology performing various delivery functions. Some examples include medical drones delivering medical samples and long-range drones delivering documents, spare parts, and humanitarian aid in remote parts of the world. 

Let’s talk about how drone delivery can benefit your business and so that we may learn more about your specific needs and goals. Get in touch with us.
In aviation, it’s all about acronyms like UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System), etc. BVLOS means “Beyond Visual Line Of Sight.” It refers to operations (or segments) where the drone’s operator can no longer see the drone.  The opposite acronym is VLOS or “Visual Line Of Sight.” Contact us for your specific country, and we can help guide you to the particular regulations.
Another essential acronym for drones is VTOL. It means “Vertical Take-Off and Landing.” Like a helicopter, drones can take off or land vertically without using a runway. Rigitech drones have VTOL capabilities making them an excellent choice for places with tight landing zones such as building tops, offshore oil platforms, or jungle clearings.
The European Union policy on drones requires all remotely piloted aircraft systems to purchase third-party liability insurance. Contact us for the specific requirement for your operating location.
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