RigiTech’s Eiger Connects Hospitals in Barcelona, Pushes BVLOS Operations in Spain

June 11, 2024

June 11, 2024. Barcelona, Spain – RigiTech, leading Swiss drone manufacturer, has once again showcased the transformative potential of its Eiger drone in the healthcare sector in Europe. The recent demonstration, conducted in collaboration with the TIC Salut Social Foundation, the Center for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CTTI), BCN Drone Center, and the Olot and Garrotxa Regional Hospital Foundation, highlighted the Eiger drone’s BVLOS capabilities in enhancing medical logistics, emergency response, and clinical applications.

“We are thrilled to announce that our longstanding dream of contributing to the Spanish health system has now become a reality,” stated Adam Klaptocz, co-founder and CEO at RigiTech. “With two of our three founders hailing from Spain, this milestone holds a special significance for us. As of yesterday, in partnership with BCN Drone Center, our Eiger drones have embarked on the initial phase of a medical transport service. This service facilitates crucial deliveries between hospitals nestled in Catalonia, enhancing the capabilities of the Sistema de Salut de Catalunya. We are excited for this step in Eiger’s global expansion and look forward to continuing our journey.”

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

The demonstration event, attended by the Minister of Health, Manel Balcells, featured a successful flight from the Basic Health Area (ABS) of Vall d’en Bas to Olot Hospital. The Eiger drone reduced transport time by 60% and significantly cut the carbon footprint compared to traditional ground transportation, completing the journey in just 7 minutes.


Pilot Tests Across Catalonia

In the coming months, RigiTech’s drones will be deployed in pilot tests throughout Catalonia to further evaluate their benefits in medical logistics. These tests will focus on the transportation of biological samples, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment between healthcare centres, particularly in rural areas. The initiative aims to improve the efficiency and sustainability of medical transport, reduce costs, and lower CO2 emissions.


Supporting Innovation and Sustainability

Joan Guanyabens, Director of the TIC Salut Social Foundation, emphasised the Eiger drone’s potential in improving medical care and logistics, particularly in remote areas. The initiative, supported by the Digital Catalonia Alliance, underscores the importance of evolving regulations to maximise the benefits of drone technology in healthcare.

Josep Maria Padrosa, manager of Olot Hospital, highlighted the success of previous pilot tests, noting a 43% reduction in transport time and an 80% decrease in CO2 emissions. These results validate the Eiger drone’s capability to enhance healthcare services and pave the way for scalable solutions within the healthcare system.


About RigiTech

RigiTech is a Swiss manufacturer of drone logistics solutions founded in 2018 that focuses on creating fully-integrated drone delivery systems. Its drones are designed with a network-first mentality, the key to scaling drone delivery into a sustainable business model. The centralised RigiCloud software infrastructure ensures reliable, compliant communications, flight tracking and fleet maintenance management. RigiTech’s drone systems have been approved for and flown BVLOS operations on 5 continents, delivering essential goods in their home base in Switzerland, across Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America, with a focus on healthcare, offshore and postal markets. (Media contact: marketing@rigi.tech)

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