VentureKick Stage II

July 30, 2019

RigiTech drone delivery logistics medical drone transport software
Rigi Technologies GmbH
Thousands of diagnostic devices and samples need to travel between patients, clinics, hospitals and labs every day. European healthcare services spend 68 billion euros a year on diagnostics, with as much as 30 percent going on road transport for these small, critical packages. Rigi Technologies is developing custom drones and logistics software for this market. The small payloads mean drones can be dispatched more regularly than delivery trucks, and skip terrestrial traffic jams. Co-founders Adam Klaptocz, David Rovira and Oriol Lopez believe their cargo drones, adapted for longer flights of 100km, could cut courier routes currently taking 4 hours, to 30 minutes. The trio are adapting hardware experience accumulated at EPFL and drone-maker SenseFly, and medical logistics with Médecins Sans Frontières, to make their ‘small, flying trucks’. The startup has so far won training, support and CHF 50,000 in pre-seed funding from Venture Kick this year.
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