What is VTOL?

July 3, 2024

Eiger Drone RigiTech

When it comes to drone delivery operations, there are certain acronyms that become key for understanding the capabilities and advancements in the field. Among these, VTOL, or “Vertical Take-Off and Landing,” marks a significant milestone in drone technology that opened up new possibilities for deployment and safe operations.

VTOL technology allows fixed-wing drones designed for long range, that are typically limited to operating from a long runway, to ascend and descend vertically, like a helicopter. This capability is a game-changer for drones, eliminating the need for runways and enabling operations in environments where space is at a premium. VTOL drones (like the Eiger) can effortlessly take off from and land in confined areas, from the rooftops of urban buildings to the restricted spaces of offshore oil platforms, or even within the secluded clearings of dense forests.

RigiTech is a leading drone manufacturer integrating VTOL capabilities into Eiger drones, ensuring they are not just versatile but also exceptionally suited for complex operational needs. This feature makes RigiTech Eiger drones an unparalleled choice for a variety of applications, including logistics, emergency response, and beyond, where conventional take-off and landing methods are impractical or impossible.

Combining VTOL technology with the Eiger’s fixed-wing design allows operators to operate at the highest level: unlocking long-distance operations, reaching up to 100 km in range with a single battery charge, as well as cm-level precision landing thanks to the integrated multicopter propellers. Discover how VTOL technology can elevate your operations and adjust to your takeoff and landing locations. With RigiTech, the sky is not the limit; it’s our starting point. Contact our team today!

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