Fly above traffic jams and difficult geographies at 80km/h and land directly to your destination


Whether you need urgent deliveries or scheduled deliveries, the Airbridge will ensure that each package is delivered whenever you need.


Fully electric drones erasing the carbon emission footprint of traditional logistics methods.


Drone delivery creates an opportunity to impact others, assisting them in critical and urgent situations. Delivering your products safely by creating an AirBridge Network between your sites (hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, warehouses, offshore rigs, etc.) has never been easier.

Emergency Deliveries
When Time is Life

At RigiTech one of our key focus markets is lifesaving drone-based logistics for healthcare. Integrating our airborne solutions into supply chains of pathology laboratories, hospitals and clinics increases efficiency and response time when it matters the most.

Watch our drones enhancing laboratory logistics in Europe.

Elevating your Logistics


Long-range BVLOS certification and proven experience in Europe.


VTOL technology with parachute make our drones safer.


Turn-key solution provides easy setup and 100% support throughout entire operations.

Delivering Success – One route at A time

Unlock your supply chain’s potential capabilities. RigiTech helps you solve common logistical problems thanks to our dedicated team that focuses on implementing drone delivery in the smoothest way possible. 

Improve your delivery perfomance

Fly over congested roads, mountains or rivers

Manage your stock efficiently

Reduce delivery times with flexible just-in-time deliveries and manage your stock more efficiently by delivering on-demand with possibility for cold-chain delivery.

Reduce your infrastructure needs

Eliminate redundant facilities by using a central distribution hub that can connect locations up to 100 km of distance picking up and dropping off at either point of delivery.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Our electric drones offset the carbon footprint of fuel-powered vehicles. Operators can easily swap batteries and recharge them using renewable energy.

What RigiTech’s Clients Say About Our Service

Some of the organizations benefiting from drone technology include

Drone Delivery Journey

We will work with you and hold your hand through the process of elevating your logistics. We have established 5 simple steps that we need to take together to implement drone delivery successfully at your site.

1. Workshop

Is drone delivery suitable for your business? 

2. Personal Touch

How will it work?

3. Experience

Live the change with a demo day.

4. Support

What about regulations? We will guide you.

5. Setup Airbridge

Move faster than competitors.


your drone transport network

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