Eiger Accessories

Specialised Medical Payload Box

Specialised Medical Box

A UN3373-compliant solution designed for secure and efficient transportation of medical samples. With guaranteed temperature control, this impact-proof transport box ensures the integrity of sensitive samples throughout the journey. Traceability is made effortless through RigiCloud, allowing easy tracking and monitoring. Streamline your operations and enhance healthcare logistics efficiency with a generous capacity of up to 300 samples per delivery.

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Precision Pad

Easy to install and a feat of engineering, our Precision Pads include several fiducial markers that reduce vision uncertainty and allow the drone cameras to easily locate the desired target location. Permanently installed outdoors at the desired route takeoff/landing points, they enable the Eiger’s Precision Landing package and ensure exceptionally accurate deliveries in tight spaces.

Edge Node RigiTech

Edge Node

An all-in-one solution for on-site connectivity, safety, and control systems. This compact node revolutionises drone operations: The Fleet Control feature de-conflicts drones operating at the same droneport, while its Offline Control Server manages drones within a 5 km radius, even without internet. The Edge Node’s Location Awareness integrates cameras, weather stations, and ADS-B receivers for comprehensive control, and its Communications Router establishes data connectivity in mobile dead zones.