David Rovira on the Builder Nation Podcast — The Future of Drone Logistics

July 19, 2023

David Rovira, CBO & Co-founder at RigiTech, joins Builder Nation’s Podcast host Sam Ávila to share his experiences as a leader in the drone industry and the insights he has gained from his broad expertise in delivery and healthcare drone solutions, as well as business development and management.

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Efficient logistics is crucial for businesses to thrive in today’s fast-paced world. In this blog post, we will explore the power of drone delivery, delve into RigiTech’s cutting-edge solutions, and envision the future of drone logistics.

RigiTech’s pioneering journey in drone tech and innovation

RigiTech, a leading drone tech firm that began in a garage, has significantly transformed global logistics. Co-founder David Rovira led it to become the first to fly BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) in several European countries, underlining its commitment to innovation and adherence to strict EASA regulations. 

The company offers comprehensive drone logistics solutions, enhancing safety and efficiency with technologies such as Edge Node, drone port cameras, and weather stations. A collaborative culture lies at the heart of RigiTech, treating each challenge as a shared responsibility and opportunity for innovation, extending beyond traditional job descriptions.

RigiTech’s drones have revolutionised healthcare logistics, delivering blood samples and vital medicines between hospitals and transforming spare parts delivery in the industry. Now, RigiTech aims to innovate in the postal and e-commerce sectors.

Healthcare logistics: efficiency, temperature control, and inventory centralisation

RigiTech revolutionises healthcare logistics by integrating drone solutions into the supply chains of pathology labs, hospitals, and clinics. Their drones rapidly collect and deliver medical samples in urgent situations, improving efficiency and patient care. They have temperature control and traceability features, ensuring sample integrity and secure transport. Furthermore, RigiTech’s solutions aid in centralising inventory, reducing medical waste, preventing shortages, and optimising inventory management in healthcare facilities. 

AirBridge technology sets a new standard in drone logistics

RigiTech’s AirBridge technology revolutionises drone delivery with pre-programmed aerial routes for seamless multi-location connection. It offers turnkey delivery solutions, optimising supply chains by integrating sites, reducing redundancies, and improving performance. Safety features like parachute recovery systems ensure reliable operations, while Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capabilities extend reach to remote areas and enable efficient, long-distance deliveries.

Safety and innovation: RigiTech’s drone technology

RigiTech stands out in the drone delivery industry with its commitment to safety and innovation. Adhering to European Union Aviation Safety Agency regulations, RigiTech’s drones are reliable and innovative:

  • Safety-Driven Design: With parachute recovery systems, failsafe mechanisms, and triple-redundant communication systems, RigiTech’s drones prioritise safety and secure deliveries.
  • Advanced Navigation and Control Systems: Intelligent navigation and control systems, including FLARM and ADS-B technologies, enable collision-free flights and efficient route planning in designated airspace.
  • Payload Capacity and Versatility: RigiTech’s drones offer substantial payload capacity, up to 3 kg (6.6 lb), and versatile rectangular payload volumes of 15 litres (.53 cu ft), enabling efficient delivery of various items.
  • Night Operations and Adaptability: Configured for night operations with high-visibility lights and advanced navigation, RigiTech’s drones ensure safe 24/7 delivery services. They are also designed to withstand adverse weather conditions for reliable performance.
Navigating drone regulations with expert support

Drone operations are subject to varying regulations worldwide. However, RigiTech’s experts guide companies in obtaining flight compliance approvals, ensuring legal processes within specific country requirements. It provides personalised, on-site training empowering businesses to operate drones safely and efficiently. 

Additionally, the company offers continuous monitoring, preventive maintenance, and optional on-site services to maximise drone reliability and ensure successful deliveries. By relying on RigiTech’s expertise, businesses can navigate regulatory complexities and operate drone delivery services within legal frameworks while maintaining operational excellence.

Industries served by RigiTech

RigiTech’s drone delivery services cater to diverse industries with unique requirements and challenges. Here’s how RigiTech’s expertise benefits vital sectors:

RigiTech’s drone-based logistics streamline healthcare and life sciences operations, reduce response times, and enhance patient care by efficiently delivering medical samples, supplies, and equipment.

For eCommerce and postal services, RigiTech’s drone delivery ensures fast and reliable service, exceeding customer expectations in both B2C and B2B deliveries and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Moreover, in industrial and remote operations, RigiTech’s autonomous drone logistics overcome logistical challenges in remote and offshore locations, optimising processes, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs for industries such as spare parts delivery and humanitarian aid.

Additionally, RigiTech promotes environmental and sustainability initiatives using electric drones and renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution associated with traditional delivery vehicles.



RigiTech Uncovered: Flying into the Future of Delivery
  • What is RigiTech? RigiTech is an innovative and pioneering company in the realm of delivery services. By harnessing cutting-edge drone technology, RigiTech facilitates the seamless transportation of goods. 
  • Why use drones for delivery? Eiger drones are fast, efficient, and can navigate difficult places. They are perfect for when you need something, and you need it NOW! They can also carry stuff over mountains and oceans. Cool, right?
  • How is RigiTech helping the healthcare industry? RigiTech’s drones deliver medical samples and supplies quickly and accurately. This means faster diagnoses and treatments. And the best part? The vials stay cool and traceable during the journey!
  • What makes RigiTech’s AirBridge technology unique? It’s like a sky bridge connecting different locations for drone delivery. It’s a complete solution that helps businesses plan and track drone routes easily. Even better, it allows drones to fly far away from sight!
  • How safe is RigiTech’s drone technology? Super safe! Just like superheroes have their gadgets, RigiTech’s drones have parachutes, failsafe mechanisms, and triple communication systems. They also have advanced navigation and control systems, so they know where they’re going.
  • What kind of stuff can RigiTech’s drones carry? These drones can carry up to 3 kg of stuff, from books to medical samples. They’re versatile and can work day and night in all kinds of weather. They’re the postmen of the future!
  • Does RigiTech help with drone regulations? Absolutely! They help businesses get permission to fly drones. They teach people how to operate drones. You don’t have to worry about the rules and laws.
  • What industries does RigiTech serve? They’re helping healthcare, eCommerce, postal services, and industrial operations. They’re saving the world, one delivery at a time!
  • What’s the future of RigiTech and drone logistics? The sky’s the limit, literally! RigiTech is continuously innovating to make deliveries faster and more efficient. With their help, we’re all moving towards a future where getting your favourite stuff is as easy as clicking a button!
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